Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another week down!

I was pretty good this week, though not in regards to actually blogging. Let's take a look.
This was a quick-and-dirty mid-week meal, but it was actually pretty good. Turkey sausage sauteed in coconut oil, Portobello mushroom cap with red onion, sauteed in bacon (om nom nom), and Brussels sprouts seared in a little grass-fed butter, then tossed with sea salt and freshly-grated Parmesano.

Thursday's CSA box held some promise, but failed on a few counts. The speckled Romaine, while beautiful, didn't survive to the next day despite careful handling. And the radishes were horrifically overripe, which is sad, because they looked so pretty. I baked the spaghetti squash that night; my last attempts at spaghetti squash (nuking it since it was too warm to heat up the oven) were underwhelming, but baked with just a little rub-down of olive oil, this was transcendental, which led me to try....

Paleo lasagna! Ok, this might be the least photogenic meal ever. Seriously.

That's just not pretty. But it is absolutely delicious. I layered shredded baked spaghetti squash with a quickly-browned filler (broccoli, turkey kielbasa, red onion, a little garlic) and Trader Joe's tomato sauce, then sprinkled with Parmesano. Unsurprisingly based on the amount of veg and lack of pasta, there was some liquid at the bottom, but it drained off very easily (yup, just tipped the dish over the sink...) and it was superb.

Today's trip to Whole Foods was totally necessary; as you can see, I'm stocking up on some staple items--trying to weed out less-optimal versions of things like soy sauce (I'm trying organic whole-soybean non-GMO tamari and organic coconut aminos), and even playing around with stuff like household cleaners. I'm trying out two kinds of fabric softener. They smell awesome, we'll see if they work.

Now, you can see the pumpkin spice Silk in there. Yes, it's pure sugar; it's a seasonal evil. I.. sort of wanted it. What I wanted even more was the nearly two pounds of calves' liver, which I soaked in raw goat milk and then pan-seared. Let me tell you, I wasn't going to even try taking a picture of that, but nothing says breakfast like squiggly bits...

I also made a bastardized daube (ok, ok, so if it's not a real daube it's just a braise) with gorgeous beef short ribs, parsnips, celery root, carrots, cloves, allspice, bay leaves, and apple cider. You know it's good when it's tender, and that you did a good job searing it when it comes out five hours later still looking delectably browned. It's pretty heavy, though, so I just fished the meat and veg out of the sauce rather than serving it as a stew.

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