Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday farmer's market!

Sort of slim pickings at the farmer's market today, but I still got some goodies. From upper left: Mutsu apples, Bartlett pears, raw goat milk (a first at this particular market, so I couldn't say no), beautiful radishes, Northern Rebel apples (I got them just for the name--but they're super tasty), and a nice slab of big-eye tuna, which was about as sustainable as they had.

So, this was breakfast! Big-eye tuna sashimi, two grated radishes with the juice squeezed out (my cheap excuse is that I didn't have daikon), and a bit of soy sauce to dip it in. I rounded the meal out with one of those Northern Rebel apples and coffee with raw goat milk.

Dinner was the deja vu meal I've been eating all weekend to get rid of the bigos (that, sausage, and squash), though dinner was a bit early.

And a salad to finish out the day. Romaine lettuce, avocado, one of those Bartlett pears (absolutely gorgeous), raspberry-ale soaked Parmesano, and raw hazelnuts toasted in grass-fed cultured butter... with a vinaigrette made from apple cider, extra virgin olive oil, hazelnut oil, and raspberry balsamico.

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