Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hodgepodge noms.

Three parts: kuri squash, bigos, and sausage.

The sausage is just Trader Joe's basil pesto chicken, sliced and browned in coconut oil.

The bigos was really a quickie way to clear out a lot of stuff in the fridge: I sauteed onions, garlic, shredded carrot, a couple bay leaves and allspice berries, and shiitake mushrooms in sliced bacon and its lovely fat, then topped it with an entire bag of sauerkraut and let that bad boy simmer on low for as long as I could handle waiting. Cheap, easy, dirty, healthy, and man, it's like the never-ending pot.

Kuri isn't my favorite squash, mostly because there isn't a lot of thickness to the flesh (versus an acorn or kabocha squash, for example) but I cut it up and roasted it unseasoned in extra virgin olive oil (and a drizzle of rice bran oil), then toasted some pumpkin seeds in the same coconut oil I fried the sausage in. It's like candy, and you can (should!) eat the skin.

I think I had this meal three times since Friday! Finally finished off that bootleg bigos today...

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